2014 Thanksgiving Shopping Guide

Your guide to Thanksgiving shopping and ways to spend money smart.

Thanksgiving is almost here and some of you who really cares, who really want to thank and give are anxious about the coming holiday. It’s natural when you worry about your family or friends, when you want your gifts to say a lot about your love and care. Sometimes it’s really hard to say I love you and you want your gift to say it for you.

Thanksgiving it’s the proper moment for family and friends and it’s the perfect moment to reload a relationship in stagnation. Believe it or not a good present could make much more than words do. That’s why Thanksgiving shopping should have a special approach. Our advice is to make a list of people who will receive a gift this year, with the possibility of extending the list…just in case, if you decide that your neighbor should receive a gift from you as a symbol of your respect.

A special approach should also have the gifts for your family. If your family are giving gifts to each other you should remember your past years’ gifts that you gave to them, remember their reaction to specific gifts and make a conclusion, who will receive a funny bunny and who will get a more serious gift. If it’s not a tradition of your family giving and receiving presents for this holiday, you could write down on a list every person and near the importance of this person in your life. If it’s too sentimental for you saying words and showing care, let your gifts say it for you. - thoughtful, creative, cheap gift ideas for mothers

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Ways to save money when shopping for the Thanksgiving

Coupons, coupons, coupons! Don't be afraid to use them, especially now at Thanksgiving when you probably will need more groceries

• Ways to Get Free Coupons

• Learning How to Find Free Coupons

• Printable Coupons Save Your Time and Money

• Useful Tips How to Receive Coupons by Mail

Or you can get free food samples in the form of trials that are sent to you or in the form of coupons that can be exchanged to samples
Free Food Samples - get some shipped right to your door

Buy in bulk - Even if you're not already a member of a local warehouse club (like BJ's, Sam's Club or Costco) you can usually shop at the stores for a one-time fee, or take advantage of frequently offered one-day complimentary guest memberships. But avoid being tempted to overbuy, or you'll fail to cash in on the savings you were hoping for!

Shop early - This doesn't just mean shopping early in the morning (to avoid the crowds), but also shopping sales well before the holiday to buy items when they go on sale to store or freeze until you need them

Buy your Thanksgivings decorations, paper ware, cards etc. after Thanksgiving and save for next year. It's not unusual to find discounts after the holiday at savings of at least 50% off or more

Happy Thanksgiving Shopping!

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