Back to School Shopping Tips

Tips and hints when doing your back to school shopping online

Returning to school or college is surely an exciting time, but for many people it becomes another source of headache because of expenses associated with it. The total cost of items required for purchase can empty your wallet, but you cannot just “forget” about some of them. Here back to school shopping sites will be of a great help.

Shopping online is always a good chance to save a substantial amount of money. First check popular online stores that sell wide variety of goods. Buying all you need in one place is always savvy. Don’t forget to look at the price of delivery. Free delivery will help you to save even more. Calculate the approximate sum of back to school shopping on websites like Amazon. Now it’s time to compare prices.

The so called bargain shopping sites can be also very useful. Websites like simplify shopping process by providing prices comparison on all items including uniforms, shoes, calculators, laptops, and more.
You can save more while making a purchase on back to school shopping sites by finding coupons. The fastest way to find them is to use Google and type something like “… coupon codes”. Filter newest results as coupons usually expire quickly. Websites manufacturers coupons, free coupon bookscoupons by mail and forums like will also be helpful.
Find and try to get free stuff at

Search for previous collections and season items. This may be not the best choice for teenagers because they are very sensitive to “being in style”, but your smaller child will not even notice it.

Finally don’t forget about eBay. This is a place where you can really save a lot comparing even to back to school shopping sites. This is the best solution for those people, who are on tight budget. Many items start with just $0.01 and that’s a huge saving. Pay attention to condition of items and cost of delivery to make sure you get the best deal.

Back to School shopping tips:

Use the recommended or required supplies from your child's school or teacher
Separate wants from needs.
Start early and look for bargains throughout the summer.
Watch for promotions
Buy basics (paper, pencils, glue sticks and notebooks) in bulk

What to buy for Back to School

-a lot of pair of jeans
-a lot of shirts
-gym bag/lunch bug

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