10 Ways to Scare Away Your Money

Avoid These Typical Mistakes and Solve Your Financial Problems

In order to solve the financial problems we have to get rid of habits that may lead  to poverty.

Richness can not be equated to the sensation of happiness. But the financial welfare allows us to be free in everything we do. Let’s try to define ten habits which lead to poverty.

Compassion towards you
People who are poor have the habit to feel pity for themselves, considering that fate hasn’t been right to them. Somebody pities himself because of the weight; others for their height, nationality, skin color, religion, ancestors, and young people see the source of their problem in the lack of experience. Compassion and pity towards yourself is the force that will always stand in the way of your development and it will lead you to eternal poverty.

The second habit that may lead to poverty is greed. For example if you are always looking for discounts, you don’t want to pay for the education of your children (because no one helped you when you were young), the tendency to pay less to the workers of your company – all these habits represents the second bat habit of poverty. Total economy indicates the fact that you experience an imbalance of incomes and expenses. A man who is programmed for richness is always willing to pay the real price for the product and to pay a good decent salary to his workers.

Doing the things you dislike
Mary hates to wash dishes, but there is no one to help her. John hates to walk the dog but he is also too lazy to build it an open-air cage. Lisa hates to work as an auditor, but it is the only way to pay for the credit, which she took for buying her car the last summer. These kinds of people are always pursuit by failures and poverty. The key for their salvation is to find things that you love to do, not those that are necessary to do.

Measurement of success in money
A poor man is sure that possession of a certain amount of money may offer him joy and happiness. He measures happiness in expensive clothes, a beautiful house, traveling, and independence from his parents. But the practice shows that a successful man measures his happiness in figures more important than money.

Credit cards and smiling bank functionaries will assist you easily to fall into a pit of debts. A man who doesn’t know the key to real success will take a credit in the bank, not for the development of his own small business, but for the purchase of an expensive car or for a big country house.

Choosing instant benefits
The desire to receive all the profit in one moment is specific to poor people. They are incapable to understand that when they work in a big company with an average salary and function, they will be able to grow professionally and financially during the next years. Many students, for example, say that institute takes a big amount of their time and it would be better to spend it for “hammering the profit”.

Is life hard to live? Is it impossible to live like this? Is everything around corruption, rudeness, criminals and you, as a normal man, will never be successful in this world? Every potential looser would agree with this statement. The method to get rid of this habit is creativity. Try to find unique possibilities to fight the vices of the social environment, try to gain profit from all the situations you are in.

Comparing yourself with others
Peter thinks he is better than his classmates, because he has the best marks. Gregory hates his brother, because he doesn’t have a “Lexus”. Dora wants to strangle her friend because she has more admirers. The eight habit of a looser is the tendency to compare you with other people. Think about it and try to analyze if it’s worth for the external world to take control over the internal one.

Measurement of richness in money
Rich people have already broken the link between the happiness and money; they have the tendency to separate the notions of accounts and real richness. Richness is the capacity to draw money to you, to make them out of nothing, to organize new types of business. In this case you won’t be afraid of tax inspectorate or robbery or other obstacles. A successful man does not depend on the size of his wallet.

Estrangement from the family
People estranged from their families are typical losers. They often explain their decision by the fact that their relatives haven’t shown any support in a difficult minute. You should never forget that family is the source of the internal support. Only love of your family will help you to stand on your feet again, when there is no hope.

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