Things You Don’t Have to Save On

How to be a smart shopper and at the same time spend enough money on important things?

be a smart shopper

1. Clothing and Footwear

I don’t encourage you to go and buy everything you like in your favorite store. You should yet save on clothing and footwear but… do it smart. Don’t pay for the brand and expensive designer named clothing. Instead, be more attentive when you buy something, and the places you buy also to remember where to buy good quality clothes without having to pay for the brand. You can be a smart shopper and buy only when there are sales and good deals. However, don’t buy cheap and low quality goods because in the end they will cost you more – a quicker lose of the color and shape and…you’ll have to go for a new purchase.

2. Health

Don’t ever save on health. When we’re healthy and full of energy we think that it will last forever but some of us don’t try to maintain the good health. With maintaining I mean preventing and healing of the current illnesses. Saving on diagnosis and healing may lead to serious consequences for your health.

3. Food

Saving on food is a must but you should do it smart. Choose organic harvested food products at the grocery or buy from farms fresh meat, eggs or milk. Don’t buy junk food and you’ll save money and your health.

4. Dentist

Healthy and beautiful teeth are one of the most important aspects of self-confidence and well-being. Visit your dentist at least 2 times a year. In case of a problem don’t wait until the situation get worse. You’ll save money and you’ll keep your teeth in good condition.

5. Rest and Sleep

We often strive to earn more money by taking additional work. We can opt for extra-hours or work during the week-ends. If you start to get not enough sleep you’ll end with poor memory and concentration, a decreasing in work efficiency. Understand when it’s time to stop and organize better your day so that you can get a good rest and a good night sleep. Don’t save on sleep because you’ll have to spend on health.

6. Education, development and training

You have been dreaming to go to some foreign language courses, to buy a book or even to go to college but…you don’t want to spend your money on that. Don’t waist your time and make some investments in you and your education. Education is one of those things that pay off very quickly. Promotion, a higher salary, a new job, more skills, all these begin with education and ends with a steady increase in revenue.

Don’t overpay and don’t save on things that you don’t have to.

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